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Gifts for the guys…

Just when you think you have all of the hardest decisions of wedding planning behind you, you realize that you have yet to buy the bridal party gifts.  As if buying a gift for one man isn’t hard enough, now you have to find something for 3-10 guys…..something universally fabulous.  I decided to put together a few groomsmen gift ideas for those of you who are tired and stumped (this post is especially for you, K!!), and tried to keep them all under $50:

If your groomsmen are big boozers:

The Travel Bar from Flight 001 –  not only does it include the 2 flasks, but also a nifty stirrer and some collapsible cups. so they can create a complete cocktail in a flash:


Or for guy that prefers wine to a cocktail, the Wine Carrier Set at Red Envelope includes 2 wine glasses, a wine opener, and room for a bottle:


Or for the guys that prefer beer, what could be better than an Around The World Beer Bucket, found at Gourmet Gift Baskets?  This gift is priced a little higher than $50, but who says you can’t just swipe the idea for free and create your own, cheaper version with buckets and unique six-packs from Cost Plus World Market?


For the golf enthusiasts:

Personalized golf balls found at Red Envelope:


Or even combine a guy’s love for golf AND booze and give them the Designated Driver Kooler Klub found at After 5:


For the music enthusiast, a perfect summer gift is the cooler that incorporates an MP3 player and includes speakers.  The one found at can even be personalized with someone’s name or initials:


For the sports lovers….a retro-style Tshirt of their favorite team is always a good idea.  My favorite ones are found at Retro Sports Apparel:


And the last gift is extremely universal….turning even the biggest metrosexual into a handyman, the ALWAYS useful Leatherman tool.  These tools, which can even be personalized to incorporate someone’s initials or last name, can be found at all different price points, starting as low as $25 for the keychain versions:


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Give me something to write on…

One of my favorite things to give as a gift is personalized stationary.  It’s just something that not many people will buy for themselves, but they will really appreciate it once they have it.   Chic personalized stationary can make a fabulous bridesmaid gift if you are still looking for ideas!!

You can go the very elegant, ecru card, Crane route:



A more colorful option can be found at Rock Scissor Paper:



I love this sweet owl design also found at Rock Scissor Paper:



Silhoutte Blue has fun, whimsical designs, or she will even custom design an image to fit your bridesmaids’ unique personalities.

Silhouette Blue’s Hula Hoop Girl:



Three Hip Chicks offers personalized stationary sets, that come with notecards, folding cards, gift enclosures and luggage tags, all packed together nicely in a retro lunchbox:



This adorable personalized gift set can be found at Lo-Lo Paper Treats, and includes notecards, notepads, pencils, return address labels and rubber stamps:





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Friends don’t let friends dance barefoot

Let’s be honest…..has this ever happened to any of you? (I would like to be on the record stating that this is NOT a picture of my own feet):

Dirty Feet

This is what happens when a girl in horribly painful, almost unbearable, shoes starts dancing, and gets to the point where anything, even disgustingly dirty feet, would be better than the pain she is currently enduring.  In a fit of rage, she flings off her Christian Louboutins and decides to strut her stuff on the dance floor, BAREFOOT.  This has been known to happen most commonly in Vegas (mostly during a marathon partying/dancing weekend such as a Bachelorette Party) or during a fantastic wedding that has you dancing for hours on end.

Enter Flexflop, the most genius invention ever created (by my good friend, Stacey Kirsch) to prevent this very situation!!  These comfy, yet foldable flip-flops come in an array of colors and make the perfect addition to your bridesmaids’ gift bags, because they are small enough to fold into your dazzling clutch and take out with you when you go dancing!!  For those of you putting out flip-flops for your guests at the wedding, they come in the most adorable pouches, that you can get customized to say anything you’d like.  I also like to keep a pair in my car for when I spontaneously go and get a pedicure ……I’ve never had to walk out of the nail salon in those paper flip-flops again!

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