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Pillow talk…of the wedding variety

I recently came across Sarah Lansdale’s pillows on a recent blog entry on Bride’s Cafe and fell in puffy heart love.   She is the creator of these amazingly charming hand-sewn pillows that you can customize to match your wedding’s colors and feel.  Peeking at this crate full of beautiful creations just puts a smile on my face!! (all pictures below are property of Sarah Lansdale)



I’m a sucker for anything pintuck, but the addition of this sweet contrasting velvet bow is just too perfect!!



For the girl that likes a little bling….a pillow with a sparkly monogram accent:



This delicate pillow brings on a wave of nostalgia… reminds me of a vintage handkerchief:



Her attention to the details of each pillow is just incredible!



And lastly, my favorite of the bunch, a delightful butter yellow number, covered in the most gorgeous lace!   I may be forced to buy this pillow just for kicks!


Contact Sarah Lansdale directly via her website to order your own custom piece!


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My newest obsession….guestbooks!

One of the few things I was able to make a quick decision on during my own wedding planning was our guestbook.  All it took was one look at the Rag & Bone paper page albums, and I fell in love immediately.  They fit the functionality  of a normal scrapbook (they are filled with thick black or ivory heavy cardstock sheets), but the covers and the binding gave them a handcrafted, luxurious feel.    They also come in three sizes, ranging from small to large, making it easy to pick the perfect one for your own wedding.


Here are some of their newest designs, they really make it hard to choose just one:








I recently also came across these Molly West albums and gasped….the textures and fabrics they use on their covers are just exquisite!!  They also come in an array of beautiful colors and patterns, so choosing just one is close to impossible!





All of these books and designs can be purchased at Jenni Bick Bookbinding!

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Choosing colors…harder than choosing a mate!!

I know that choosing a color palette can be a huge task for some brides.  Some brides already have a favorite color in mind, and just don’t know what else to pair it with.  Other brides have a feel in mind for their wedding (fresh, preppy, summery, etc) but no actual color preferences.  Where do you start?! 

Here are two of my favorite tools to help you jog your brain, when it comes to colors:

COLOURlovers is great if you just want to be inundated with possibilites, you can browse through thousands of palettes that users are uploading daily…..maybe something will strike your fancy!!  Some of my new favorite color palettes that I found today:

This gorgeous light pink, mauve, purple, and raspberry combo screams girly:


Loving this aqua, teal, navy and green combo!!


Strawberry, red, charcoal and black making quite the splash together!


I haven’t seen this teal and purple combo done yet, but I love it!


And for the bride who fears too much color, this neutral palette is anything but boring!


Another handy tool, if you’ve got an inspiration picture or pattern is the Color Palette Generator by Big Huge Labs.  It allows you to upload any jpeg, and then immediately generates the color palette that is represented by that picture!

I uploaded a picture of a gorgeous sunset I found on Flickr, and the tool generated the palette found right below it:

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But the sign says…..

Wonderful Graffiti Wedding has done it again with the addition of their new Chocolate Collection!!  For those of you who haven’t heard of this company, they take signage to a new level.   They laser cut matte vinyl into any monogram, phrase or picture that you can imagine, which you can then transfer to pretty much any surface.  Once you are done with your event, the vinyl peels right off !!  Below are some of my favorites:

The reason I first fell in love with this company, their getaway car graffiti, so much more gorgeous then the tin cans on ribbons!


For those of you with a mantel behind your sweetheart or cake table, how perfect is this piece?


Adding a monogram to your passed wine glasses at cocktail hour would definitely give them that WOW effect!


If a projected gobo isn’t an option, you can still personalize your dance floor with these!


A banner that gives your ceremony a focal point can be the perfect touch for the end of your aisle!


And lastly, what a cute way to give your guests a little direction!

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The Emporer should have clothes!!

If you are one of my brides, you’ve probably already heard me say it countless times…..I truly believe that  linens are like your table’s “outfit,” and the florals are the accessories.  When getting yourself ready in the morning, you would spend just as much time thinking about one as you would the other, right? 

With so many AMAZING options for speciality linens these days, the options on how to dress up your tables are limitless.  Some newer options I’ve been drooling over include the following, although these pictures definitely don’t do justice to how these gorgeous linens look in person!!

Cabernet Floral Tinsel (Cloth Connection):


Apple Green Palettes (Cloth Connection):


Black and White Flock Damask (Cloth Connection):


Peacock Burnout (Cloth Connection):


Merlot Patchwork Silk (Cloth Connection):


Pintucks are still an ever-popular choice, especially with the addition of some new colors:

Fire Pintuck (Cloth Connection):

Magenta Pintuck (Cloth Connection):


And for the bride that prefers a more neutral look, your linens can still make a statement by bringing texture to the table!

Ecru Crinkle Taffeta (Cloth Connection):

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I thought I saw a Tweety bird…

We all know of the adorable bird cake topper made famous by Ann Wood, who sadly, is not taking custom orders for cake toppers at this time.  But fear not……there are other amazing Etsy artists that are doing their own takes on these adorable bird cake toppers.  Below I’ve just posted one example of each of their amazing custom work!!

Lauren Alane:


















ThePolkaDotPixie (it doesn’t look like she does custom work but this piece is just to adorable not to post!):


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