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Lisa + Tom @ The Bel Air Country Club

Lisa was referred to me by my clients Elvi and Carlos (a June wedding I’m SO ridiculously excited about!!) and came to me with a gorgeous smile and a tight deadline.  Her and her fiance, Tom,  had set the date for their wedding for 2 months out, and on top of having to rally a team of amazing vendors to pull it off….their venue had cancelled on them.  I was ready to take on the challenge though, since we instantly clicked….and by the end of the meeting we were hugging and we were off to plan a most gorgeous and intimate wedding at the Bel Air Country Club!

Below are a few moments of their amazing day, captured by their photographer, Vernon T. Williams:

The gorgeous Lisa getting her dress on, assisted by her equally lovely sister/maid-of-honor:


Does it get any better than gold Choos?


The florals, provided by the ever fabulous Flowers on Mars, were simply stunning.  We decided to have the bridesmaids carry a simple but elegant cloud of baby’s breath, while Lisa got to carry the real showstopper…..a breathtaking cascade of bright magenta phalaenopsis orchids and dark feathers.  The groom’s bout matched the bride’s bouquet….a bright orchid with some unique metal wire accents.



Lisa had her heart set on getting married on the club’s beautiful white bridge, but once we set foot on it, and realized that even with a few people on it the thing swayed like a jumprope, we quickly had to put the kabbash on that idea.  I knew she wanted something unique, something that her 40 guests had never seen before, so I suggested that we do a spiral ceremony setup.  This way, she would get to walk past each and every one of her special guests as she made her way down the spiral to her groom! 


The gorgeous newleyweds!  Both Irish transplants, they met and fell in love instantly across an ocean….they were clearly meant to find one another!


I puffy heart small weddings because the setup usually entails something that would never work with a bigger party (have you ever seen a 200 person spiral ceremony, for instance?).  Lisa wanted the reception to feel intimate and cozy, so we decided to seat all of the guests at one huge long table covered in a luxe champagne linen (custom made by Flowers on Mars) ,  and decorated in lush florals in classic neutral tones with  hints of purple and lavender.


There was one thing that was a definite must for Lisa….a decadent and beautiful dessert display with sweets from Vanilla Bake Shop


Lisa treated her guests with mini bottles of Moet Champagne as their favors!


And I’ll end the post with a couple of my favorite shots of the bride and groom!


Lisa and Tom – Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a part of your beautiful day!!   It was so sweet being a part of such an intimate wedding, the entire guest count being all of your immediate family and closest friends.   Best of luck to you both!


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GASP WORTHY: Christian Louboutin peep-toe glitter pumps

One of my 2010 New Year’s resolutions was to be a much more regular blog poster, so I’ve decided to add a weekly feature to the blog entitled “Gasp Worthy”.  It will feature one or two items that I’ve stumbled upon that week that I crave, covet, and/or would rob a bank for.  I’ll be blogging about them in hopes that one of my dear clients will purchase said items, and I can then live vicariously through them while they prance around in the said shoes/dress/clutch/underwear/headpiece/etc.

Today’s gasp worthy item was found while perusing for a birthday item to add to my list.  Although the hubs is a most amazing gift giver….it turns out he is an even more amazing gift giver when I drop hints about what I like.

Wouldn’t this be THE most amazing bridal shoe?  Glittery, metallic, and most importantly…  Own it here!

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**Jenn and Thanh**

When Jenn and Thanh approached me about their October wedding at the Los Angeles Arboretum, I flipped.  I am in awe (and also terrified) of the peacocks that swarm the Arboretum and had been wanting to work that venue space for some time.   The natural beauty of the gardens are breathtaking, and that, combined with Jenn and Thanh’s warm and kind spirits, were going to make for a memorable day!  Below are just a few of the FAB shots of the day, taken by the most stealth photographers (these guys were everywhere, they never missed a shot!!) I’ve seen in some time…..Furious Photographers:   

Prior to their Western ceremony, Jenn and Thanh participated in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.  Jenn looked like royalty in her qipao:


Soon after the two tea ceremonies were performed, we had Jenn change into the most beautiful lace dress for her Western ceremony:



And while the girls got ready, the guys helped Thanh sort out the red envelopes!


A few shots of their beatiful ceremony, complete with the crystal strand backdrop.  All decor and florals provided by Commerce Flowers:





After the ceremony, the bridal party and the newleyweds drove around the arboretum and shot some super fun portraits!  I was in love with the bridesmaids’ merlot colored dresses and their blingy sash:





Jenn and Thanh – Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day…..your wedding was beautiful, but most importantly your guests had a blast!  I really enjoyed working with you guys, most especially our final meeting at the Chinese restaurant.  I feel so worldly now, having eating the traditional fish stomach soup!  I hope to keep in touch with you both!!

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Save money, save paper AND save the date!!

I love my clients….many of them are SO creative and think outside the box.    I just received a “save-the-date” from two of my June clients that they sent out to all of their lucky guests.  In today’s age of technology (and thinking “green”), I think it’s just perfect.  Feast your eyes on their You Tube slideshow Save-The-Date.  

Joan and Manie, you guys are awesome….I am in love with this idea and SO excited for your wedding!!

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**Mom’s 60th Bday Party**

My mom is one of my best friends, my biggest cheerleader, and the person who taught me that it’s OK to be a strong woman.   I’ve always known that I could  never re-pay my mom for the years of countless sacrifices and support she has given me, my dad and my brother…..but when her 60th birthday rolled, I figured that I could at least start the process!! I decided that after all of the over-the-top birthday parties, amazing family dinners and special surprises she had given us growing up, she deserved a surprise of her own.  So I set up an undercover surprise party in my own backyard with 60 of her closest friends and family members (a lady with a big heart like my mom acquires many close friends after 60 years!)

We threw together a grey and fuschia inspired event with a few special touches.  Florals were done by the great Kate Baker, and these beautiful photos below were taken by one of my recent clients and talented photog, Ashleigh Taylor:



The birthday girl herself…as she walked in.  She is as nosy as they come, so I thought she would totally sniff out the plans, but somehow she managed to be completely surprised that day!


We decided to forego passed appetizers for cocktail hour and open up a mashed potato bar stocked with martini glasses… was a huge huge hit with our guests!  



I figured a regular ol’ birthday cake would not do my mom justice, so we decided to go for an entire dessert table spread instead, sprinkled full of treats ranging from DIY yummies by yours truly, to Trader Joe’s, to Vanilla Bake Shop!


And I’ll end with a picture of me and the birthday girl…..don’t be fooled by her tiny stature, there is alot of spunk and heart in that little lady~! 

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