**Jessi and Adam**

The day I met Jessi and her mom, I fell in love with the both of them.  Jessi’s warmth immediately hits you upon meeting her, and she is just one of those people that you instantly want as your BFF.  Her mom reminded me of my own mom….a warm and caring soul who loves to chat and loves to laugh, all tied up in the tiniest of packages!   They were both SO excited to get started on planning the wedding and already had a wonderful venue and vision nailed down.   Jessi had booked the Pasadena Museum of California Art, and was planning a crisp and modern white, platinum and yellow affair to go along with it.

Narrowing down some of my favorite shots of this day was near impossible….but I managed!  Below are just a few of the ones that blew me away….shot by the ever-talented Nataly Lemus!


I love this shot of Jessi getting ready…..not only is she ridiculously gorgeous, but that giddy happiness that you see in her eyes was present that entire day from start to finish!!



Jessi actually emailed me the day she found her dress and the day she found her shoes, because she was so over the moon about the both of them.  Monique Lhuillier accessorized with Manolo Blahnik……..swoon!!



And just down the road….Adam got ready for the big day!



Their ceremony was held in the chapel of Pasadena’s First United Methodist church.  While we waited for the last few moments before Jessi was to walk down the aisle, Jessi’s dad was taking it all in.  Witnessing the love that he had for his daughter  as they walked down the aisle was enough to turn me into a weepy mess!



High school sweethearts, Jessi and Adam were getting married after over 10 years of being together.     It was so evident in the way that they would look at each other, how in love they were.   


And, as if their ceremony could get any more touching, they had a reading straight out of the Velveteen Rabbit.



After the ceremony,  we were off to City Hall for a few pictures.  A stylish and fab couple….deserves a stylish and fab bridal party!




The reception was full of amazing details that Jessi and Adam had spent months and months working on.   One of the details they wanted to incorporate was the very sweet and unique tradition of the 1001 cranes….which ended up in various parts of the reception decor!



And the florals….as usual, hit out of the park by Kate Baker Florals.


The white cattleya orchids on their cake, made by the Cake Sisters,  mimicked the bride’s bouquet.  So incredibly chic!!


And I’ll end with a picture of the perfect couple, in front of the perfect sunset.   Love it!!


Please feel free to visit Nataly’s blog for more amazing pictures of this truly special day!!

I have been very lucky in the years that I’ve been a wedding oordinator to have been blessed with many clients-turned-friends.  They are people that I now get to see on a regular basis and adore dearly.  Jessi, however, is definitely a first:  a client-turned-friend-turned assistant.    Jessi is my newest addition to the Just Chic Events team and I feel so unbelievably blessed to have her on board!

Jessi and Adam:    I can’t tell you how lucky I felt to be a part of your day…..and for your year leading up to it!  Spending time with a couple that can love each other and tease each other like you two do was SO much fun and truly made me feel like we were meant to meet!  Every meeting with you two was always something I looked forward to……and I can’t tell you how honored I felt that you put so much trust in me.  Your wedding was spectacular, all in part to the hard work and love that you put into every last detail of it.  I am so so happy for you guys, and I am ecstatic that we are friends!



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  1. 1

    Halsey said,

    Wow what a beautiful wedding!!

  2. 2

    ashleigh said,

    this wedding looks beautiful!! i love the color palette and all the decor!!! 🙂

  3. 3

    These may well be my fave wedding pictures EVER. I have so much fun with all my clients, but MAN Nataly nailed these shots…and you have only shown a few…they are ALL this amazing. Nataly is unbelievably talented…and you can just see what a pure and sweet soul Jessica is, in every single shot…her happiness is so evident, you can’t help beaming looking at these!!

  4. 4

    Jenna said,

    Such a beautiful wedding with amazing details!

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