I heart you, Wordle.

One of my newest clients, Jessi, turned me on to the world of Wordle, and I am certifiably addicted.  It is a brilliant new application, that can turn any series of words into a “word cloud,” giving more size/weight to the words you use more often in the inputted series.  You can generate hundreds of random combinations of fonts, colors and layouts…..so click the “Randomize” button to your heart’s content until you see something you are happy with!!


 I used it to create what could have been a Save-the-Date for our own wedding and I am SO sad I didn’t know about this back then!



You could even input your vows, to create the perfect program cover (this one taken from Wordle’s fabulous gallery):



Wordle can even use a blog (or any URL) to capture words and create a random world cloud….this one was created from my own blog!


But the best part of Wordle??  It’s absolutely free and you can save your creation for your own personal use.  So head on over there and see what you come up with!!


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