From Miss to Mrs…

Who says the work is done once you hit your wedding day!?  You come back from your honeymoon to a slew of unopened gifts to be put away, blank thank-you notes to write, and a name to change!

There are many reasons and ways to change one’s name, after the wedding day.  The most traditional and common way is for the bride to take the groom’s last name.  Many brides feel like sharing a last name with their husband (and their future children, if those are in the plans!) makes them feel more like a unified family, and also makes it easier when dealing with schools, other parents, travel plans, etc.  Other brides, for professional or personal reasons, choose to hyphenate,  make their maiden name their middle name, or not change their names at all.  In any case, if you are changing your name, the process can seem daunting.

I know many brides procrastinate on starting the process…. there are tons of forms to fill out, dozens of lines to stand in, or phone calls to make.  Most brides don’t even know where to begin!!  Enter Name Birdie, a new fab website that completely simplifies the name change process for you!!


Their basic packages start at $24.95, which doesn’t seem like much to me to alleviate some of that name-changing headache!!


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    You couldn’t have picked a better topic for me right now. I have been married 6 months and STILL I am not done with all this name change headache. I certainly love my new last name..Mrs Medina!!! But getting the change legally done is a job on it’s own. Thank you for sheding some light on the situation. always know exactly what to say!!!!!!!

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