Under where??

Brides sometimes spend upwards of 6 months searching for the perfect dress, but what about what to wear under it??

For a smooth look, I know many of us bow down to Spanx, said to be able to take inches off your waist and hips.  This strapless full slip may be the perfect undergarment for those wearing a body-hugging gown, made of unforgiving slinky material like silk charmeuse:


For the bride that needs a little more support, a classic bustier may be in order, although some say that this can sometimes add inches to the waist and bust, because of the heavy material.  Below is the underwire bridal bustier by Le Mystere (found at Nordstrom):


A less glamorous, but equally effective undergarment can be to have your seamstress add some good old-fashioned bra cups directly into your dress.  Most wedding gowns have so much boning and support, that the bra cups are all you need for a smooth line:


And then for the underwear….what is sweeter than ruffle butt panties??  These, made by Honeydew Intimates, are the perfect “something blue” for a bride:


And finally, the panties I myself chose for my own wedding, the uber-flattering boyshort personalized with your new married name and wedding date.  I fell in love with this idea so much, that not only did I buy them for myself, but I’ve also given it to every engaged friend as a gift at their bachelorette party.  It is the first day you’ll be able to wear “Mrs” apparel, so why not start with your underwear?!

Personalized hotshorts, found at CustomizedGirl.com for $15.97, a variety of colors and fonts to choose from (Please note, this is not my actual behind, God has not been that kind to me in that department):


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  1. 1

    LeeAnn said,

    The boy shorts are super cute. I may have to order a pair. Love the disclaimer…I was just thinking…”nice ass!” ahhaha!

    I’ll have to work harder on the inner and outer thighs now that I think about it!

  2. 2

    You’ve done a great service for many brides for discussing this topic. I’ve seen too many photos as of late where the bride clearly has the wrong undergarments on. High dollar dress with low dollar skivvies = bad times.

    Love the ruffley panties. I may have to buy a pair for my b-pics.

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