The Emporer should have clothes!!

If you are one of my brides, you’ve probably already heard me say it countless times…..I truly believe that  linens are like your table’s “outfit,” and the florals are the accessories.  When getting yourself ready in the morning, you would spend just as much time thinking about one as you would the other, right? 

With so many AMAZING options for speciality linens these days, the options on how to dress up your tables are limitless.  Some newer options I’ve been drooling over include the following, although these pictures definitely don’t do justice to how these gorgeous linens look in person!!

Cabernet Floral Tinsel (Cloth Connection):


Apple Green Palettes (Cloth Connection):


Black and White Flock Damask (Cloth Connection):


Peacock Burnout (Cloth Connection):


Merlot Patchwork Silk (Cloth Connection):


Pintucks are still an ever-popular choice, especially with the addition of some new colors:

Fire Pintuck (Cloth Connection):

Magenta Pintuck (Cloth Connection):


And for the bride that prefers a more neutral look, your linens can still make a statement by bringing texture to the table!

Ecru Crinkle Taffeta (Cloth Connection):


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