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**Ashley and Jeff** – Part Deux

I decided Ashley and Jeff’s wedding deserved a “Part Deux” blog entry because I was just sent a few more ever-incredible detail shots, taken by the super-talented AHS Photography, as well as a few extras from the duo that took the photobooth shots, Gabriel and Carli Ryan, another set of amazing photogs!!  I think these shots capture how much work Ashley put into the details of her own wedding, and rumor has it that, thankfully, she is going to start offering up her “wedding stationary” services to brides really soon!!


Ashley put alot of thought into her escort card setup…..she knew from the beginning that she wanted something “outside the box,” that would somehow tie in with the rest of her wedding look.  I threw out an idea of the box filled with moss and scattered blooms, and Ashley came up with these precious escort cards to “plant” into the moss.  They consisted of strawberry and khaki colored cardstock, calligraphed in a whimsical font with the guests’ names, and the table number was added as a sweet button that also incorporated their lovebirds theme.  She painted and glittered the wood skewer, attached the finished cardstock, and ended up with these sweet creations:

                              Photo Credit: AHS Photography


Can you say refreshing?!  Ashley wanted to make sure that guests had access to some sweet beverages before they sat down for the ceremony.  Contemporary Catering provided the drinks, which included Cucumber Melon Water, Nectarine Passion Iced Tea, and everyone’s favorite (shown below), Strawberry Lemonade!!

                                        Photo Credit: AHS Photography


I can’t say enough about Kate Baker, who created Ashley’s GORGEOUS bouquet, a perfect combination of peonies and spray roses:

                       Photo Credit: AHS Photography


The ceremony setup was so beautiful, Kate painted a couple of urns the perfect charcoal color to go along with Ashley’s color theme and then filled them with these “blooming” manzanita trees.  It was the perfect backdrop to the space where Ashley and Jeff exchanged their vows!  If you notice closely, Ashley also handmade some reserved seating signs in the front rows for their VIPs!

                                       Photo Credit: AHS Photography


The bride and groom’s spot at the head table, marked by the ever-chic Vera Wang “Love Knots” toasting flutes.  Also, you can spot the bubble votives that Ashley found at Crate and Barrel….their unique look brought additional style to the table setups!

                                           Photo Credit: Gabriel Ryan Photography


A great shot of the full table setups!  Ashley chose to do long banquet style tables covered in simple charcoal table linens.  Instead of a more traditional centerpiece, Kate Baker set up a variety of Ashley’s own bud vases down the length of the table and filled them with sweet clusters of various white blooms with touches of greenery, to create a lighthearted feel that Ashley and Jeff were going for!

               Photo Credit: Gabriel Ryan Photography


The gocco’d and glittered menus that Ashley created to fit perfectly into the napkin pocketfolds.  Their food spread consisted of In-and-Out entrees, with accompaniments like a fry bar and salads provided by Contemporary Catering.  It was comfort food at it’s best!

                    Photo Credit: AHS Photography


The delectable dessert table that guests couldn’t stop talking about!  Vanilla Bake Shop created some out-of-this-world dessert shots, with flavors like Dirt Cake and Triple Berry Shortcake, as well as an assortment of precious mini-cupcakes!  Ashley DIY’d the colorful signs to go along with the sweet display:

                                   Photo Credit: AHS Photography

          Photo Credit: AHS Photography


The 6-inch cake that Vanilla Bake Shop created for Ashley and Jeff to cut into was beautifully finished off by a lovebirds cake topper created especially for the couple by Lauren Alane:

                                      Photo Credit : AHS Photography


And, to add to the sweet feel of the evening, Ashley provided us with enough candy to feed an army, in order to create her enticing candy bar, completed with her DIY tags for every candy jar!

               Photo Credit: Gabriel Ryan Photography


I just had to include this picture of Jeff and his groomsmen, it showed just how rad and cool (hint: check out Jeff’s Converse shoes) these guys were! 

                     Photo Credit: AHS Photography


And finally, one last shot of the gorgeous bride and adorable groom, you guys are TOO cute together!!



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The Emporer should have clothes!!

If you are one of my brides, you’ve probably already heard me say it countless times…..I truly believe that  linens are like your table’s “outfit,” and the florals are the accessories.  When getting yourself ready in the morning, you would spend just as much time thinking about one as you would the other, right? 

With so many AMAZING options for speciality linens these days, the options on how to dress up your tables are limitless.  Some newer options I’ve been drooling over include the following, although these pictures definitely don’t do justice to how these gorgeous linens look in person!!

Cabernet Floral Tinsel (Cloth Connection):


Apple Green Palettes (Cloth Connection):


Black and White Flock Damask (Cloth Connection):


Peacock Burnout (Cloth Connection):


Merlot Patchwork Silk (Cloth Connection):


Pintucks are still an ever-popular choice, especially with the addition of some new colors:

Fire Pintuck (Cloth Connection):

Magenta Pintuck (Cloth Connection):


And for the bride that prefers a more neutral look, your linens can still make a statement by bringing texture to the table!

Ecru Crinkle Taffeta (Cloth Connection):

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**Lauren and Alan** Part Deux

My good friend (and client!) Lauren just got a few sneak peek pro pics from her fab D.C. photog, Michael Bennett Kress, and I just had to share! 

The adorable couple:


Her Ritz-Carlton reception setup, it was exquisite!!


The photobooth….which made for MANY funny moments!


The requisite cake shot, which was encased in the beautiful huppah they used during the ceremony:


One of my favorite moments of the night, they were SO happy, I got teary-eyed!

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**Ashley and Jeff**

I am SO excited to blog one of my most anticipated weddings of the year, I can’t believe it’s over!!  Ashley is a bride after my own heart….a Martha Stewart-esque, stylish gal, who was crazy enough to attempt as many DIY projects as I did for my own wedding.  Her vision for her Los Angeles River Center wedding was a very desconstructed, casual, yet elegant feel with a color scheme of charcoal and khaki, with accents of peach, tangerine and strawberry.  She thought of every last detail and everything came together like a dream! 

Amy and Aaron at AHS photography rocked the pictures, as usual… should click on their site for the amazing slideshow, but here are a few of my favorites:


The happy couple in front of their double decker bus!  Ashley rented one to shuttle in the bridal party and lucky guests, as a touching tribute to her late British grandma!


The bride – an epitome of style and grace in her gorgeous Vera Wang gown:


I was obsessed with their shoes….the boys were all in Converse, and Ash was in her seersucker Christian Louboutin heels (that matched the adorable little ringbearer’s suit perfectly!):


The hottie BMs in their chic J.Crew charcoal dresses:


Just some of the amazing florals that Kate Baker created for the day.  Her flowers awe me, every single time she creates anything!!


And finally, a sweet collage of some of their MANY details!  (First row: Their adorable Lauren Alane cake topper, the yummiest dessert shots from Vanilla Bake Shop,  charity boxes for the charity favor tokens that Ashley created herself, her DIY escort cards that were glued to glittered skewers and then planted in a lovely bed of moss.  Second row: her DIY programs, the menus with the flatware envelopes that Ashley gocco’d herself, the sweet photobooth sign that directed guests to the ridiculously fun photobooth set up by Gabriel and Carlie RyanThird row: the basket of flip-flops set out for the party animal guests, the gorgeous Manzanita tree arrangement that Kate Baker created for the ceremony, her DIY personalized straws, and part of the colorful refreshment table that Contemporary Catering set up for the ceremony.


Ashley and Jeff – Thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of your incredible day.  You two are so unbelievably cute together, I am so happy that your wedding was such a perfect representation of who you are as a couple!!  You guys were SO much fun to work with and I will miss talking to you constantly!! 

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**Lauren and Alan**

Lauren is one of my closest friends who I love and adore….I call her my most accidentally funny friend, she cracks me up at every turn with her all her quirks.  She and Alan have been together a little longer than me and the hubs have….so we have been able to share alot of our dating highs and lows together, and keep each other sane in the process!!

I had the pleasure of helping her plan and coordinate her wedding over Memorial Day weekend at the Ritz in Washington D.C. (special props to the staff at the Ritz who really had to step it up in making sure the day went smoothly, since I had duties to fufill as a bridesmaid as well!!).  We spent the last 10 months putting this grand soiree together and she really put special thought into every little detail of her wedding.  She wanted to keep it elegant and upscale, and was really excited about her neutral color palette of ivory and black with accents of pale pinks and peaches.

Thanks to my hubby, I have a few sneak peak pics to post, while I eagerly wait for her photog to send me some of their proofs!  So now, without further ado:


Her ever-elegant escort card table:


Her very sweet and touching memory table:


Her GORGEOUS aisle pieces that also did double duty as the centerpieces.  The pinspotting really added that extra oomph!


The flowergirls were dressed in adorable ivory dresses with black sashes, to contrast perfectly with the bridesmaids’ black dresses.  They held their pomanders like they were ever so delicate, I loved it!


The newleyweds….they exuded happiness as they strolled back down the aisle!!  Can you see the the “Where’s Waldo” picture of my head in the pic?


The gorgeous cake…they even had their monogram on the front of the cake designed into the fondant.  I think the hubs may have gotten too excited about the open bar, because this is the only picture we got of the reception….so part two will have to wait for the pro pics!


Lauren and Alan: I can’t think of two people who are better suited for one another, the balance you guys find in each other is amazing and inspiring.  You two are some of the most welcoming and warm people I know and I am so lucky to call you both our friends!  Hope you had an unforgettable time in Tahiti!!!

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Make sure to water your invitation….

In today’s day and age, I know more and more of us are becoming conscious of being more “green,” whenever we can, so why not get an invite you can plant afterwards??  Of The Earth is now offering flower seed paper that can be directly printed on, to create gorgeous earthy invites!!  Your guests can plant the invites after receiving them, and be rewarded with a gorgeous garden of multi-colored wildflowers.  The invite that keeps on giving! 

 Thank you to my bride Catherine for introducing me to this eco-friendly vendor!



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You mean….from scratch?!?

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I got a huge craving for strawberry cupcakes…….REAL strawberry cupcakes, none of this boxed crap.  I had seen a recipe that DaPotato used recently in her blog, so I decided to work my magic while the hubs was at the gym (and yes, I realize it’s counter-productive, but he’s skinny, he can take it).

I didn’t do the chocolate glaze part because then my laziness took over, but the hubs came home to piping hot, straight from the oven, strawberry heaven.  He then proceeded to ask me where I got the cake mix part, since he could clearly see the real strawberry chunks in the cupcake.  I looked up at him and said, “Ummm, well you know the usual suspects…..flour, sugar, eggs, etc.”  The poor man looked astonished….and slowly goes, “You mean, FROM SCRATCH!?!?,” as if he had just hit the lottery. 

Who knew it was so simple to keep a hubby happy?!

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