Hang it right there…

Some of my favorite pictures of the day are those “getting ready” shots…..usually chock full of tears, laughter and excited anticipation.

During these “getting ready” shots, a good photographer will almost always capture a shot of the dress hanging on a window, door or armoire.  If you don’t come prepared (or hire a wedding coordinator who will be prepared for you), this picture can end up looking like this:

                                          Photo Credit: Captured Soul Photography

 The dreaded plastic or wire hanger……it can ruin even the most beautiful of dress shots.  Make sure to toss in a wooden or satin padded hanger in with the other 101 things you need to remember that day!!


Or, for the monogram-obsessed, you can even step it up and get one of these adorable hanger covers from Etsy seller HollySew (and a special thank you shout-out to my bride LeeAnn who told me about this sweet little touch):


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    LeeAnn said,

    I triple heart Etsy’s “HollySew!” Seriously, how cute are these hanger covers? The one shown above is actually just one initial and then two scrolls. I’m a ditz and thought they were “S” initials on the side.

    I had her monogram both my initial and FI’s initial on the left and right. She also went out of her way to buy the matching eyelash trim with crystal beads for more bling. I think she mentioned she lives close to the Amish community in Pennsylvania and buys most of her materials from them. Very cool.

    If anyone is looking for some “flare” def check her out. Holly is super sweet. Ok I’m done raving!

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