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**Laura and Jon**

I am so excited to finally blog my first wedding of the 2008 season!!

I first met Laura through my hubby, they both work together creating our reality TV guilty pleasures…..and like a very supportive husband, he had been talking to anyone who would listen about my coordinating skills.   Laura emailed me in October about her wedding and since she already knew my husband and he had told me what a sweetheart she is, I was instantly excited about helping her!!

When I asked Laura what her vision was for her wedding, she told me that she wanted to keep it simple, pretty and most importantly that her guests have a great time.  This was definitely accomplished that day, as I’ve never seen a more packed dance floor at a wedding!! 

So without further ado….her pro pics, taken by Gerry McCarthy, a friend of theirs who is a photojournalist based out of Texas!!  Gotta love having talented friends!!


One of my favorite all time “anticipation” shots….how cute is this flowergirl!?


Laura writing a sweet love letter to her hubby-to-be while getting ready that morning.


Laura and Jon in front of the gorgeous arch that they bought at Home Depot and had family friends decorate.  The best part of doing this is that now they get to display this little piece of their wedding in their garden!!  Their wedding was officiated by Gabrielle Kaufman, who led them in one of the most touching, personal ceremonies I’ve had the pleasure of watching!!


A great shot of the gorgeous aisle pieces, galvanized buckets filled with purple Mexican sage, put together by the talented Michelle Brue of Flora by Fauna:


Another beautiful shot of Michelle Brue’s work!!  The jewel-toned purple/red/green bouquets were a beautiful splash of color against the bridesmaids’ brown Ann Taylor dresses.


Laura pre-empted the hot weather (although it was absolutely perfect weather that day!!) by placing these sweet sandelwood fans on each guest’s seat for the ceremony.


The recessional was such a happy moment…I got chills when I saw how elated they were to finally be husband and wife!!


The reason I loved working with these two…they would just turn goofy at a moment’s notice!!


Immediately following the ceremony, they wisely took 30 minutes to just hang out with each other, take it all in…and eat their dinner.  They wouldn’t have had any time to later in the evening!!


 And of course, a wedding wouldn’t be “just chic,” without a few touching details!!

The card box, a precious vintage suitcase:


The gorgeous calligraphed escort cards hanging from manzanita trees….that greeted the guests into the cocktail hour.


The delightful cake from King’s Hawaiian, covered in a cascade of darling purple sugar flowers.


One of the many reasons why the guests had such a blast….a classic photobooth from Cheesy Photobooths.  It was consistently full all night!


And to close off the series….a shot of their first dance.  This picture truly captures a moment of pure bliss!


Laura and Jon – Thank you so incredibly much for allowing me to be a part of your most amazing day.  The love you show for each other and for all of your friends and family is truly touching and infectious!!  You two were an absolute joy to work with, and I wish you all the best as hubby and wifey!


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Did you RSVP to Friday’s wedding??

Finally, we are only 3 days away from the most anticipated wedding (well, next to your own, I hope!!) of 2008…..Miss Carrie Bradshaw!! 

I know of 3 groups of girls planning on seeing this flick sometime this weekend……which is probably a good thing, considering the hubs outright refuses.  Hopefully after working all weekend, I will have some energy left to get myself to the Arclight and take in some SATC love!

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A deja-vu in white…

We’ve passed the Memorial Day hump…..I love it when summer gets so close!!  The stores finally get an array of adorable white dresses, perfect for a bride-to-be to wear to her rehearsal dinner!! 

Here are some incredible options that have been popping up this season:


Milly’s scallop strapless dress, found at Shopbop:


Catherine Malandrino’s balloon sleeve dress, also found at Shopbop:


Lilly Pulitzer’s Jacqueline mini dress, found at Saks:


Shani Collection’s ruffle front shirtdress, found at Nordstrom:


Betsey Johnson’s babydoll lace dress, found at Nordstrom:


Kay Unger’s tie-waist dress, found at Neiman Marcus:


Marciano’s crete mini dress:


JCrew’s Portico wrap dress (it does come in white!!):


And for the brides on a budget, Target comes through with this lovely Isaac Mizrahi eyelet halter dress:

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I’m melting…..MELTING!!!

This post was inspired by the 100+ degree heat wave we experienced this weekend in Southern California.  I could think of nothing else except how to survive in this heat…..which prompted me to think of the poor guests that may be attending a wedding when it’s this blazing hot!!  Below are a few ideas you could treat your guests to, so they will be able to dance the night away with you, before melting into a puddle of taffeta.


Serve pre-ceremony sno-cones!! Create a signature “mock”tail and serve it snow cone-style by pouring a flavored syrup over finely crushed ice and serve in a little wax cup or even a stemless martini glass:

          Photo Credit: Show and Tell



Parasols in a basket for guests to use during the ceremony are always an adorable picture, if nothing else:

                 Photo Credit: Edyta Szyszlo



Make double use of your programs by creating program fans, this gorgeous one created by Cards De Luxe:


Or the paddle style program fan, the handles of which you can find at No Ordinary Day Invitations:



You can also just place fans at each seat (from Bliss Weddings):

Or these sandlefood fans from Wedding Favors to Love:



Rent some misting fans for the cocktail hour (from Elegant Mist):



What could be a better treat than passing out mini ice cream cones during dancing?  Your guests will adore you (not that they don’t already!!):

                     Photo Credit: Ksenija Savic


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A funny thing about regret is…

I’ve heard from far too many brides lately that one of their biggest regrets was not hiring a videographer.  This couple even has a 2 minute video (it really wretched at my heart when I saw it!) on how it was really the only regret they had about their entire wedding:

I know that when brides start to make budget cuts, the videography seems to be one of the first thing to go.  My only guess on why is because many of us have visions of bad cheesy videos straight from the 80’s, and it doesn’t seem to compare with the (hopefully!) amazing pictures we will be getting from our photographers.  The thing is, in my mind, only the video brings back the voices, the laughter, the music and true feel of the day.   It allows you to relive those special moments and to share them with people who weren’t able to be there.  And for those of you who are thinking about starting a family in the future, how amazing would it be to be able to share that day with your kids?!  A high quality wedding video today is SO much more than what it used to be.  Any videographer worth his salt will know how to capture the footage in a way that will later enable him to not just recreate the day, but basically create a mini-movie of one of the most amazing moments of your lives.


Below is a sample video from one of my favorite videographers, Joe Rosenberger from Today’s The Day Weddings.  Joe is someone I hold dear to my own heart because he shoot videography for our own wedding last year.  My fiance is a reality TV editor, so when it came down to finding a videographer, the man was unbearably picky, and I’m so glad for it now!!  We probably went through about 30 different videography websites, and he was impressed by very little until we came upon Joe.  Joe understands the importance of camera work, dumps his heart and soul into his editing, and has some of THE best customer service I have ever seen!!


Additional samples can also be found on his website: Today’s the Day Weddings

And Joe, I don’t think I ever thanked you enough for the footage you shot that day……we watched it again recently and shed waterworks all over again.  Thank you for allowing me to be a bride again and again and again!!


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Hang it right there…

Some of my favorite pictures of the day are those “getting ready” shots…..usually chock full of tears, laughter and excited anticipation.

During these “getting ready” shots, a good photographer will almost always capture a shot of the dress hanging on a window, door or armoire.  If you don’t come prepared (or hire a wedding coordinator who will be prepared for you), this picture can end up looking like this:

                                          Photo Credit: Captured Soul Photography

 The dreaded plastic or wire hanger……it can ruin even the most beautiful of dress shots.  Make sure to toss in a wooden or satin padded hanger in with the other 101 things you need to remember that day!!


Or, for the monogram-obsessed, you can even step it up and get one of these adorable hanger covers from Etsy seller HollySew (and a special thank you shout-out to my bride LeeAnn who told me about this sweet little touch):

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Boy bling!!

Who says that girls have to have all the fun when it comes to shiny baubles?   Amanda Elizabeth Jewelry Design has come up with a fashionable and unique alternative to the fresh flower boutonniere.  They sure don’t come without a price tag though (most designs are priced at $475) , but considering what we girls get to spend on  our dresses and accessories, why not??

The Lily Design:


The Thistle Design:


The Sunflower Design:




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