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 So without further ado….my quirks (or as I like to say, the things that make me loveable):

1) I can play the accordion and the flute.  Or rather, I used to be able to play the accordion and flute.   I was 5 years old when a door-to-door salesman came to our door offering accordion lessons for kids.  Now, whenever you are sitting at your job, having a bad work day, you can now thank your lucky stars that at the very least, you are not a door-to-door accordion lesson salesman.  I had the unfortunate fate of coming to the door with my mom, out of curiosity, and this salesman flung that 100 lb. accordion on me faster than you can say “dork!”  I guess I heaved that thing back and forth holding down some key, and he somehow managed to convince my mom that I was an accordion prodigy.  And thus, ensued 2 years of lugging my huge accordion to lessons, performances, and tournaments (and yes, there are accordion tournaments out there, for those of you that want to pick up a new hobby).  The flute thing happened in high school….I guess it’s a good thing, because if a flutist ever fails to show up for wedding ceremony, and someone in the audience happens to have a spare flute, I could probably play a few notes as the bride glides down the aisle.

2) I’m a ex-battered employee.  During my 5 year stint in the entertainment industry,  I faced moments much like those in Sharktank Redemption, where phones are being chucked at your fellow assistants’ heads for silly things like putting two creams in someone’s coffee instead of one.  Working at an agency, and then at a studio was a huge learning experience for me, and I’d never trade it for the world, but I’m glad I can now call myself a survivor.

3) I hate cucumbers.  My friends think I’m nuts because according to them, they don’t taste like anything….but I hate them just the same.  I don’t mind them if they are cut into tiny strips, like in sushi, but if I have to taste the slimy texture, I’m out!!  I don’t mind cucumber water though…..hmmm, I guess that’s what makes me quirky.

4) I am a hoarder of craft tools and machines, it’s a problem, and I have a really cluttered office/craft space to prove it.  Xryon, Wishblade, Click-it, a sewing machine, embossers, you name it, I have it.   In the other corner, I have 100 different types of colors and shapes of beads, kept for whenever I get the itch to make some jewelry.   And then twenty stackable cardstock trays to hold the hundreds of different shades and textures of cardstock I just HAD to have.

5) I’m bilingual in Spanish, and I didn’t speak a word of English until preschool.  My parents were both immigrants from South America  (Chile and Peru), and since Spanish was their first language, that’s what they spoke in the house when I was growing up.  Those of you that have met me know that I don’t have a trace of an accent, but it’s true, Spanish is my first language (technically).

6) I pride myself on being able to mimic any style of dancing….and keep my husband amused constantly because of it.  African tribal dance you say?  Check!  Crunking or Pop & Locking? Check!  Belly Dancing or Hula? Check and Check!!  I adore dancing and if I can watch a style for about 30 seconds, I can pretty much fake it.  This proves for many funny moments in the clubs, although my next dancing goal is mastering the Worm…I need more upper body strength to make that look good!

I don’t know 6 bloggers who haven’t already been tagged, so I will be coming out of my lurker status on some of my favorite blogs and tag:

1. Greengelato

2. AHS Photography

3. Lucky Designs

4. Ramonaruby

5. Fabulously Lizy



11 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    I love it! I had no idea you were a musician.

    I always suspected you were a fellow craft tool hoarder. Now I have confirmation. Don’t you have a button-maker as well?

  2. 2

    Carmela said,

    OMG, I think that traveling accordion guy also came to my house! Thankfully, my parents listened to my pleas of “No,no,no!” Unfortunately, my sister was not spared.

  3. 3

    JustChicEvents said,

    Anne, yes, the button-making (or in my case it was bottle opener maker) machine, how could I forget? I’m sure I’ve missed a dozen other things that are collecting dust in the office!

    Carmela – your sisters and I should start a support group.

  4. 4

    I want to use your bottle opener machine. For what, I have no idea… I just want to use it. Thanks to you, I’ve had a wishblade obsession for months now.

  5. 5

    Diabolina said,

    um, i think you and i have to be friends for these reasons:

    1. “faster than you can say dork” made me snort!
    2. spanish being your first language but not having an accent. Me too 😉
    3. while i have never been physically beaten at work, my soul has been crushed many a time. wah!
    4. i am a dancing machine too. my body just needs to dance most days.
    5. i have a cupcake addiction. hence, your post is the perfect roadmap to my intervention.


  6. 6

    JustChicEvents said,

    Diabolina – you’ve got yourself a new blog stalker…..and I’ve got a new same-sex crush.

  7. 7

    Kadidja said,

    Oh my god, I love you! Your post was hilarious…just what I needed this fine Monday night. And when no one will dance at my reception cause they’re lame, I task you with getting the party started! I’ll pay you extra ;).

  8. 8

    LeeAnn said,

    This post is HILARIOUS! I can relate on many levels.

    1. When my sister and I were young, we had the accordion guy come by and sell lessons. I was tiny and couldn’t even take the weight of the beast. But my sister got conned into doing it. I guess she wasn’t very good because it didn’t last for very long. But we always laugh about it.

    2. I can totally get the entertainment production gigs. I did that for about 4 years….slaving away all hours. It sucked but I got to do fun things too.

    3. My first language was Vietnamese until preschool. But the only accent I have is “Valley Girl” ahhhhah!

    That’s where it stops. I suck at arts and crafts. 🙂 Thanks for the laughs!

  9. 9

    Ivy said,

    This made me giggle! Which part of the world did all of you live in that you had door to door accordion salesmen!?!?! I have never heard of that.

  10. 10

    Lizy said,

    Spanish was my first language too and also no accent!

  11. 11

    […] 27, 2008 · Filed under Personal &#183 Tagged van surfing video As a follow-up to my quirks post from last week, I just have to post about one of my husband’s funniest quirks.  The man […]

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