If it’s YOU, do it!

Today’s weddings are full of gorgeous and adorable details, but my favorite ones are always the ones that scream, “THIS IS US!!!”

The hubs and I attended a wedding in Arizona over the weekend, for our friends Jules and Trevor.  Jules is the type of person who can find the good in anyone and anything……one of those people you need in your life, to bring a bit of sunshine.  Trevor is one of the most charming cool cats I’ve ever met, and even Patrick Dempsey is jealous of this man’s hair.  The best thing about Jules and Trevor as a couple is that they are always a blast to be around, no matter the place or the time. 

They decided that instead of doing a traditional champagne toast, they would instead incorporate a shot of Aquavit,  a Scandinavian flavored liquor distilled from potatoes or grain, since Jules’ family is Swedish, and it’s a family tradition.  They wanted the shot to set the mood for the evening that this wedding would be FUN, and it was!!  Her adorable dad, Buzz, stood up during the welcome toast and explained the significance of the shot to the guests, and then invited everyone to take their shot together.  Only the brave did it, because this stuff was as strong as Grappa.   The shot glass even had a chic little card on top that said “Cheers” in the middle, and then along down the side in smaller letters, instructed the guests to “Wait for the Toast,” to discourage an eager party-goer from taking it prior to the grand moment.

A picture of the shot, with the adorable card made by Sugar Paper:


The gorgeous bride with all of us goofy girls:


I will post more pictures of their modern and stylish black & white affair when their photographer sends out the proofs, the non-pro pics that my friend took on her camera just do not do this event justice.  In the meantime…..CONGRATS Jules and Trevor, you guys are amazing apart and even more perfect together.  Have fun in Cabo!!!




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  1. 1

    Jordana said,

    I ADORE the shot. You’re right, it’s the details that directly relate to the couple that are the most special.

    Also, big hearts for your dress. Beautiful!

  2. 2

    LeeAnn said,

    I love how your friend personalized it with a shot! Nice!!

    Lookin’ mighty good with the fab dress, hair and make up!!

    Love the blog!

  3. 3

    […] 6, 2008 · Filed under Uncategorized As promised in my earlier post, I am posting professional pics from Illume Weddings of a recent wedding we attended in Arizona […]

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